We are constantly on the lookout for ways we can incorporate embroidery and hand embellishment into different art forms.  Whether it be fashion, bridal, shoes/bags, home furnishings, or embroidered wall art, we absolutely love creating and designing for different lines and market segments. We’re inspired by our clients, whose passion and enthusiasm for our new designs drives us to keep on innovating and creating. 

This season we’ve been working on a brand new collection of hand crafted and embellished jewellery, and are so excited to finally share it with you.  We’ve had so much fun coming up with designs for earrings, brooches, cuffs, bracelets, keyrings and neckpieces, and experimenting with different looks.  For our first collection we’ve made a selection of delicate pieces as well as heavier statement pieces. As these are all handmade, they are customizable and the options for color and design really are limitless.  Materials we’ve used include brass for statement neck pieces and cuffs, as well as crystals, beads, threadwork and sequins.  

Ricamour Embroideries 2019
Ricamour Embroideries; Our inspiration moodboard featuring medieval ornamentation and architecture.

At Ricamour Embroideries, we are dedicated to preserving the art of hand embroidery and the talent of our craftsmen, and we are proud that we can continue to do this through our new jewellery line, which focuses on using traditional embroidery techniques and combining them with contemporary designs.  Our first collection pays homage to medieval ornamentation, architecture and stained glass windows.   Amalgamating these inspirations together with the incredible array of unique beads, sequins and materials that are available in the market today has enabled us to create accessories that are beautifully textural, colorful and fun.

Ricamour Embroideries 2019

Whilst there’s something so spectacular and grand about a fully beaded couture gown or wedding dress, adding just a small amount of embroidery to a look can also add an elegant touch of individuality that is so easy and accessible.  We’re thrilled with the response so far and are so excited to expand on this collection for next season. You can get in touch with us at info@ricamour.com for more information!*

*All pieces can be tested in order to provide REACH compliant certification if required.