Preserving Artistry & Creating Luxury

Surface ornamentation & embellishment specialists creating Haute Couture

and Prêt-à-Porter embroideries for the Fashion Industry world-over.


Established in 2012 by Anurag Vora and Ruby Iqbal, Surface Textile Graduates from the London College of Fashion, Ricamour Embroideries aims to create ethereal and timeless embellishments by the expert melding of age-old techniques with cutting edge creativity.

Having worked in London and Paris with designers and couture houses including Alexander McQueen, The House of Worth, Matthew Williamson and Jonathan Saunders, the company was founded with an inherent knowledge and passion for couture standard workmanship, innovation and luxury.

Now based in Mumbai, India, Ricamour Embroideries boasts a cutting-edge portfolio of work that transcends the conventional, incorporating classical techniques with an innovative and fresh approach.

Inspiring designs, constructed with the highest quality materials and workmanship, have given rise to exciting collaborations with some of the biggest names in the fashion and bridal world, as well as the opportunity to showcase at the prestigious Première Vision, Paris.

Today, Ricamour Embroideries values creativity, innovation and growth as integral driving forces behind the company, and is constantly striving for new ways to revolutionize embroidery and surface textiles. As we look to the future, Ricamour is excited to explore the possibilities offered by the integration of technological innovations and artisanal expertise.

Our Philosophy

Motivated by an innate passion for design, art and surface textiles, we are striving to preserve the ancient art of hand embroidery and are determined both as an organization and as individuals to support the unique talent of our valued craftsmen.

As such an integral part of our history, that has been passed down through families and generations, we are proud to have a hand in continuing the legacy of hand embroidery and all that it signifies.

With an array of embroidery techniques and styles, each piece has an individual story to tell and will forever remain a keepsake of our rich cultural heritage.

Every bead, sequin, crystal and stitch stands for a refined skill that allows communities and livelihoods to flourish, and it’s our mission to ensure this age-old and beautiful part of our culture stays ever-present and relevant in our future.

“Embroidery will forever remain a keepsake of our rich cultural heritage”


Core Values


We are focused upon continuous advancement of our knowledge and expertise in order to consistently grow as an organisation and also as individuals.


Total client centric approach- to go above and beyond our clients expectations.


We create extraordinary beauty by design.


To consistently maintain excellent standards in everything we do.


We aim to create and spread happiness through our work.

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