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Embroidery is a traditional fine art dating back through the centuries and has been used throughout time to add luxury and extravagance to whatever it may adorn, whether that be fashion, costume, home furnishings, art or accessories.   As it has evolved through the years the combination of traditional techniques mixed with contemporary designs and concepts has forged a limitless art form that enables designers to bring their ideas to life and add a touch of luxury to their creations.

At Ricamour Embroideries we understand the challenges that come with working with overseas suppliers and have documented our process in 5 easy stages below.


Embroidery is fully customizable and there are so many techniques, threads, cords, ribbons beads, sequins and crystals to choose from.  Before starting the sampling, it would be ideal to have reference ideas and images ready of the kind of work you are looking for so as to make it easier for the embroidery designer and artist to have something to start with. You can sample your ideas until you are fully happy to move onto production.

Hand embroidery artwork for Haute Couture by Ricamour Embroideries


Once you have provided your paper pattern, an experienced artist will trace your paper pattern onto tracing paper and then create an “embroidery artwork” on to the pattern to show you the placement of your embroidery.  The pictures of the artwork are sent to you for approval where by you can suggest changes or alterations that you require. The approved design is then transferred onto fabric using a special “rotary” machine that punches small holes into the design and enables the embroiderers to easily and accurately apply your design on the material using a removable chalk.

3. Production

Once your artwork and sample is approved, your embroidery is ready to be started and timing will depend on the technique and size of your piece. The pictures of the embroidery in progress are sent to you regularly through production so you can see your embroidery shaping up.

4. Quality Control Check

Once production is complete a quality control check will take place to ensure you receive the highest quality product.  Any shrinkages that have taken place during embroidery will also be adjusted against your pattern, embroidery at the seams is also matched along with an overall check on the strength of the stitches to ensure a flawless finished product.

5. Shipping And Customs

Once your finished product is ready it’s ready to be shipped to you through any of the reliable courier services like FedEx, DHL, UPS or TNT.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?


Sampling costs vary from USD 50-200 depending on the size and complexity of the design.


Pricing for customized embroidery can vary a lot depending on the design, components and the garment pattern.  Once a design has been selected and approved by the client, we can provide a price for the sample, which is usually an A3 or A4 sized swatch.  Once the client has provided their garment pattern, we will create an artwork onto the pattern that details the placement of embroidery. The final embroidered gown/ dress/ bodice price will depend on the design.  An approximate quote will always be provided before we proceed with production, and the artwork can always be tweaked to fit in with the client’s budget.

How long does the embroidery take?

Sampling can usually be completed within 1-2 weeks.  Production would range anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on the complexity of your design and the number of units.  We have completed fully beaded gowns in less than a week so we can try to fit in urgent orders wherever possible.

Do you stitch finished garments?

Yes we do.

How does shipping work?

We can either ship parcels using our clients DHL/ FEDEX (or other courier company) account, or if our client doesn’t have an account, we will ship on our own account and add the courier charges to the invoice.  We will provide the shipping cost before proceeding, which would depend on the size and weight of the package.

Do you also provide embroidery by the meter?

We can make beaded meterage, however we advise our clients to provide their garment pattern as this would work out much cheaper, and avoids wastage or having to cut through the embroidery.

Does the client have to provide the base fabric / tulle?

We can provide nylon tulle 150cm width and 300cm width (which can be dyed to any color).  We can also source other fabrics and dye them, and we work with Pantone shades to colour match.  If the client has very specific fabric requirements they can source the fabric themselves and ship it to us for beading.

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