“I’ve realised that when fashion really challenges and takes a risk, it is incredibly artistically powerful. It makes people dream”

Jonathan Anderson.

Fashion has historically acted as a form of escapism, especially during tough times. It’s an opportunity to express oneself and the chance to dream. The 1920s, for example, saw fashion revolutionized as a result of the war. People wanted to embrace life and have fun and this reflected massively in changing fashion trends and changing attitudes.

More recently, 2020 (and 2021 too, apparently!) saw us confined to our homes as enforced lock-downs spread across the globe. Did we use this as an excuse to not get ready for the day? Most of the time yes! But there was something motivating and uplifting about the days that we did make an effort. There’s no doubt that what we wear has the power to uplift us.

“A month or so into lock-down, my clothes had taken on an even bigger role in reflecting myself. That quote about being ‘all-dressed-up-with-nowhere-to-go’ suddenly took on concrete meaning. I may have been going nowhere, seeing no one, but the very act of putting on a super extra dress lifted my mood in lieu of the highs I’d get from socialising in the outside world full of stimulation”

Susie Lau.

“Fashion, especially fashion of the wild and whimsical variety, can help the mind to travel too”

Brooke Bobb.

There’s no better feeling than seeing our work come to life and empower the wearer. Be it a bridal embroidery, a red carpet gown or an edgy embellishment for a handbag, embroidery adds luxury, creativity and individuality to everything, and everyone, that it adorns. When we look through our archives, it’s full of embroideries that hold a very special place in our heart.  Each piece was inspired and tells a story, and the workmanship behind the craft makes us treasure every single piece.  In this blog we’ve collated some of our favourite embellishments, both from our own archives and also those from other designers that have inspired us along the way ❤️. 

3D embroidery by Ricamour Embroideries, innovative beading, innovative hand embroidery, standing bugle embroidery, pret a porter embroidery.
Ricamour Embroideries; Embroidery made from vertically stitched bugle beads

For us, this embroidery embodies power. The bold red and defiant three-dimensional structure personify strength and confidence. When designing this piece we envisaged it as a shoulder, neck or cuff detailing, that instills a feeling of fearlessness and power into its wearer.

Iris Van Herpen; Various Collections. Images: Vogue.com

Iris Van Herpen is one of our absolute favourites and a constant go to for inspiration. Her whimsical and ultra creative pieces transcend the borders between fashion and art, and for us, her work represents the true meaning of high-fashion. The attention to detail, creativity and technique in her collections is awe-inspiring, and if anyone’s work has the ability to empower and dare us to dream, Iris Van Herpen’s is definitely it.

Bridal embroidery, couture embroidery, Ricamour Embroideries, delicate hand embroidery, layered organza embroidery with beads
Ricamour Embroideries; Layered organza & lustre bugle beads

Made from a delicate, pink organza, with bugle beads that shine softly when they catch the light, this piece was designed to be perfectly feminine and pretty. We picture this on a bridal bodice or evening gown, and hope that whoever wears this feels as pretty as a princess!

Viktor & Rolf Spring/Summer 2019. Images: Elle.com

Viktor and Rolf’s larger than life creations defy mainstream fashion trends and are not only conceptually beautiful & avant garde, but also make a bold statement. Their 2019 meme inspired collection (pictured) is just about as candid and honest as it gets. Delivering messages that aren’t exactly socially acceptable to say out loud- we love these pieces for their rebellious yet tongue-in-cheek spirit!

Sequins in different sizes for a fun and playful embroidery, innovative hand embroidery for couture and pret a porter by Ricamour Embroideries
Ricamour Embroideries

Playful and fun, this embroidery instantly puts us in a good mood. The bright colours and simplicity of design make this an easy, breezy summer design that’s sure to inspire happiness and a smile! Colour alone has a huge part to play in mood and feelings; a powerful communication tool and a global language of emotion and ambience.

Encrusted patches by Ricamour Embroideries, embroidered brooches, couture embroidery, pret a porter, RTW embroidery.
Ricamour Embroideries; Hand Embellished Appliqué Patches.

These stone and crystal encrusted patches can be appliquéd to handbags, footwear, dresses, jackets, pockets or worn as a brooch. Many of our clients love these, because they are understated and can be worn with ease, and are a great way to add couture detailing to an everyday look. The stonework and crystals are eye-catching and rich, creating a royal and lavish aesthetic that instantly uplift an outfit. And when we feel uplifted, we have the pride and confidence to face each day with a smile and positive outlook. When fashion inspires and empowers, it really can make dreams come true.

“In fashion we’re lucky, we make dreams come true”

Alber Elbaz.

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