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How to make the most of your Première Vision visit. - Ricamour

Let me start with what a pleasure it’s been to be a part of Première Vision, Paris, all over again, after the break that pandemic forced us to take. The magic of meeting each one of you, in person, remains unmatched. Not to forget the surge of creative energy and the wave of inspiration that hits us after.

However, an exhibition of this scale can leave one oversaturated and overwhelmed. To help you make the most out of your time and energy invested (we know how exhausting it gets!) at Première Vision, we have put together some steps and strategies.

We hope it guides you in sorting out all the information you gathered at Première Vision and in establishing long-term and profitable relationships with your supply partners.

Do a Background Check!

Ricamour is a hand embroidery supplier and exporter for couture, bridal wear, ready to wear, shoes, sashes, etc
Work done Ricamour Embroideries

Of all the exhibitors you met at Premiére Vision, shortlist the ones that you would want to take things forward with. How to do that?

Do a quick background check- go through their website, social media pages and any other digital presence they may have. This should help you know more about their profile, how long they have been in the industry for, clientele, reviews and past work.

Ensure the company’s core values, ethics and ethos align well with that of your brand. Once you are sure of this, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Start the Conversation!

Ricamour Embroideries
Anurag Vora- CEO and Founder along with Tanvi

Drop an e-mail/ schedule a video call with the exhibitors you have shortlisted after a thorough background check. Tell them about your brand, your requirements and how you work.

Understand in detail their processes, payment terms, pricing and timelines. Refresh any conversation that was had at the exhibition. This is a great way to gauge the speed and ease of communication with them. It is important you feel a sense of professionalism and comfort while conversing with the team.

Design Innovation & Quality!

Floral hand-beaded design for couture gown
3D florals hand-beaded by the master craftsmen at Ricamour Embroideries

The possibilities when it comes to embroidery and beading are limitless. Do the designs in the supplier’s portfolio stand out from the crowd? Do they have the expertise and experience to brainstorm and innovate with you in terms of beading techniques, materials, designs and ideas?

The quality of beads and threads used, the workmanship and the finish should align with you brand’s promise. A true embroidery partner understands your vision and gives it wings. They put in that extra effort to give you the best in design and quality.

After all, a flawless finish and top quality workmanship is what makes couture, couture!

Test the Partnership!

Ethical Embroidery Atelier making couture designs in Mumbai, India
The skilled artisans of Ricamour Embroideries

The best way to do this is to get a custom sample made. A small swatch plays a pivotal role in understanding the quality, aesthetics and expertise of the supplier and if they match with yours.

The supplier must keep you looped in on every step of the process- artwork, material sourcing and beading. Once the sample is made, check if the beads are stitched securely and don’t fall off, there are no visible lose threads and that the finish is flawless.

It is important that the timeline promised to you is adhered to. A supply partner who is unreliable when it comes to timelines is just not worth the investment of your time, money, skill and effort.

Sampling is significant to building a reliable partnership.

Invest in Long-term Relationships!

Hand Embroidered Bird & Florals with Raffia Embellishment on bird’s breast & body perfect for a sweater

Think long-term when it comes to choosing your supplier. One thing the pandemic has taught is to work with established companies that are here to stay. They should have the experience and foresight to proactively solve problems (we’ll all run into those every now and then).

With a long-term partner, there’s accountability and efficient record-keeping, making repeat orders easy. Overtime, there is a sense of understanding that develops, making the process of production smooth and hassle-free.  

A long-term relationship ensures roles, responsibilities and budgets are aligned, making way for a mutually profitable one.

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 At the heart of everything we do at Ricamour Embroideries is to conserve the fine craft of hand embroidery. We create exquisite pieces of art across Couture, Prêt-à-Porter and Bridal and take pride in offering the best possible quality. Our Process ensures couture-standard workmanship is coupled with high quality components to give our Clients the highest possible finish. 

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Team Ricamour at Premiere Vision