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A Wedding Gown (& more) that Celebrates the Couple! - Ricamour

Today, more and more couples are opting for a bespoke wedding experience. They want the day to be immersive, not just for them but also for their guests.  From the ceremony to the reception party, they want to personalise their wedding day in a way that it becomes a celebration of their lives, love, culture and all the little moments that got them to the big day. 

This reflects in every choice they make- from the wedding outfit to wedding favours. These brides don’t follow trends when picking their gowns. They choose to customise their gown so it tells a story, their own unique story. 

And remember, the possibilities to personalise are limitless. Here, we take you through some beautiful hand-embroidered ways to personalise your bride’s big day- from her gown to her give-aways. 

Fairy Tale Gown

We understand the privilege as well as the responsibility that comes with making a bridal gown. After all, it’s a piece that creates precious memories and is treasured forever. Whilst bridal trends come and go, the most memorable gowns are those that are unique, personalised and truly reflect the character of the bride. 

Bridal Trends by Ricamour Embroideries- rom Personalised veil, coloured beaded gown to bridal sneakers
Personalised veil created by Christian Dior

Chiara Ferragni’s bespoke reception gown was personalised with stunning hand-embroidered motifs. It brought alive the couple’s love story- lyrics from the song her husband wrote to propose to her, a small lion to represent the couple’s son, Leone and memories from all the cities they’ve lived in. 

Isn’t it beautiful when each and every stitch of a bride’s gown tells an endearing tale? This has inspired brides around the world to do the same. 

Veil of Honor!

A veil not only completes the overall look of the bride, it has the potential to elevate it. A trailing cathedral veil makes the bride look nothing less than majestic. And what’s better than an exquisitely beaded veil? One that unveils the couple’s story!

Hand embroidered bridal veil for a personalized couture gown
Customised veil created by Atelier Versace

We absolutely love Angelina Jolie’s oh-so-unique veil. Created by Atelier Versace, it is embroidered with sweet doodles created by her six children. An adorable touch that made her outfit so much more invaluable. 

Cathedral veils hand-embroidered by Ricamour Embroideries

These classic cathedral veils are our own creations. The first one features the bride and groom’s names, wedding date and a special quote, “Some things are meant to be”, embroidered gracefully. The second one has delicately hand-embroidered magical musical notes that capture a special memory that brought the couple together. 

Having a role to play in the bride’s special outfit is why we love what we do! 


After a personalised gown, comes the search for the perfect pair of wedding shoes. A bride’s choice for shoes can be glam, sophisticated, comfort or even sleek. But what takes it to a whole new level is that personal touch. The couple’s monogram, their hashtag, a shared hobby, the wedding date- these are just some ways in which you can take you bride’s wedding shoes a notch above the rest. 

Not a wedding shoe designer? Don’t worry, just get an appliqué made that your bride can get sewed onto her favourite pair of shoes for the big day. It’s the best combination of custom-made and comfort. 

Custom shoes created by Gemma Kenward & Ellie Wren.


PC- Pinterest

While the dress and the veil might be the most talked about, bridal accessories are also a fun way to add that touch of personalisation. Add in the wedding date on the bridal belt or develop the couple’s monogram and embroider it on the headpin. Or the couple’s hashtag can be hand-beaded on the bride’s clutch. These are memorabilia that the couple will cherish for years to come. 

And why just stop at the bride? The groom’s cufflinks, bow-tie, buttons, pocket square can all be personalised with delicate embroidery. Have your embroidery supplier create beautiful appliqués for all these accessories that the couple can get sewed onto everything they want to personalise. 

We’d even love to create personalised brooches for the bridal party. Like we said, the possibilities to personalise are limitless. 

D-Day Décor!

Ricamour studio, a hand embroidery atelier and exporter in Mumbai India

There are so many other ways to elevate the guests’ experience. The napkins, party favours, centrepieces, chair tie-backs, photo-op are only some more spaces to add that touch of bespoke décor. 

When all these elements come together beautifully, it creates a cohesive picture and a theme that celebrates the couple and gives the guests a peek into their beautiful journey. Is there anything else that makes a wedding more heart-warming? 

At Ricamour Embroideries, we love creating bridal couture and making a bride sparkle on her special day. Our process ensures couture- standard workmanship is coupled with high quality components to give our clients the highest possible finish. See some of our favourite hand-beaded floral designs in our blog here-‘Hand-beaded Florals for Every Season.’

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