The world of bespoke luxury design has always been captivated by flowers, ferns and petals. For centuries now, floral designs have been elevating the look of palatial walls, carpets, garments, jewels and so much more. Even today, couturiers continue to seek inspiration from flowers, after all, floral designs can capture every mood- from big, bold and flamboyant to dainty, delicate and romantic. What’s amazing is that every designer gives it a special spin to make the age-old florals seem like a breath of fresh air. 

This is why, on the runway, flowers bloom in very season. Flowers that are brought to life using the rarest of techniques in magnificent colours, innovative materials and timeless styles. 

Here, we bring to you some of our favourite floral designs and techniques. We hope it  inspires you to create something exceptional for you next collection. 


Created by Ricamour Embroideries

Innumerable shapes, sizes and colours of sequins have been put together to create this design with dramatic 3D flowers. We love how the crystals add more sparkle and glitz. It’s fusion of techniques that make it a fine piece of craftsmanship. If we had to capture the essence of spring, this is what we’d make!

A design so versatile can be used for boots, bags, dresses, gowns, jackets and anything else you can think of. A piece of couture with this is sure to make the wearer feel fierce, glamorous and ready to take on the world!

PS- Make this in all-white for a statement bridal bodice!


3D hand-beaded floral design for a  bridal gown
Created by Ricamour Embroideries

This one’s a personal favourite. It’s made with 3D georgette flowers encrusted with rows of lustrous beads and a generous scatter of pearls, crystals and bugles. A head-turning bridal-gown is this design’s raison d’être. It’s intricate, dreamy and elegant. 

It’s also an easy answer to every designer’s budget plight- customise the design from dense to sparse (keeping in mind your Client’s target price) while still attaining your vision for the gown. 

The design also allows for a complementing pair of bridal shoes using appliqués that can be easily sewn onto an available pair. 

Fleur Frenzy!

3D couture design with flowers of different colours and techniques with pearls
Created by Ricamour Embroideries

Every once in a while, our artisans experiment with new/ lesser-used materials and challenge themselves to create something that is fresh and unforgettable. 

Presenting to you this hand-embroidered frenzy of flowers created with raffia, acrylic, feathers, sequins, pearls and whole new level of craftsmanship. This is for your show-stopper piece for the next couture week. It’s the riot of colours, techniques and materials that make this design an exceptional one!

Thread-work, but 3D!

Hand-embroidered 3D flowers made with threadwork, sequins, beads for a couture dress
Created by Ricamour Embroideries

A light, effortless-looking yet elaborate piece of art, this one has 3D flowers made with delicate threads in delectable colours. Every flower is unique, and the sprinkle of beads, bugles and sequins make them stand out even more. 

This is our pick for a Prêt line- t-shirts, shoes, jackets, totes and so much more! It took our most skilled artisans over 50 hours to create this easy-breezy looking design and its flawless finish. Tell us, what would you create with this?

Red Raffias!

Hand embroidered flowers made with raffia beads for a couture gown
Created by Ricamour Embroideries

A series of floral designs is incomplete without a vibrant red one, right? We made one with scarlet raffia flowers highlighted with beads and bugles. The stems and petals are made with a combination of techniques using raffia, threads, sequins and beads.  

The straight-out-of-a-painting, bold brushstrokes and grading effect is what has our heart. Make your perfect valentine’s day dress with this one- fiery, alluring and drop-dead gorgeous!

At Ricamour Embroideries, we love creating new designs for couture and experimenting with new materials and techniques. Our process ensures couture-standard workmanship is coupled with high quality components to give our clients the highest possible finish. Know more about our hand-embroidered appliqués and how to use them in our blog, here!

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