Today, hand-embroidery is well established as a luxurious form of art for couture, home décor, accessories and so much more. Master craftsmen aka karigars across India are keeping alive age-old embellishment techniques and creating new ones for design houses across the world. Techniques that are so varied that they meet the aesthetics of every designer- from Italy to Indonesia, Saudi Arabia to South Korea, Australia to America. 

Along with renowned couturiers, it gives us immense joy to see more and more upcoming ones choosing to add that touch of opulence to their designs with hand-embroidery. Before they fully embrace customised hand-beading, some experiment with embellished appliqués that can be sewn onto garments. These can also be time-saving (we know how important that is) for last-minute orders, without compromising on quality. 

Here, we talk about the many ways in which appliqués and patches can save the day!

Bespoke Bridal!

Bespoke hand embroidered bridal designs with 3D flowers, bridal sashes and thread embroidery
Designs created by Ricamour Embroideries

How often do you hear from a bride-to-be wanting a hand-beaded ball-gown in 4 weeks or lesser?! With the pandemic, this is no longer an aberration. Choose bridal appliqués for this otherwise impossible task. 

While you start putting together and stitching the gown, your embroidery supplier can start making appliqués. When cut along the borders with precision and sewn onto the gown, it ensures the gown looks hand-beaded. It’s also perfect for when you want to create a bespoke veil with the couple’s names, dates or anything personalised. 

Appliqués can be made as bodices, trims, patches and more. 

Haute Décor

Hand embroidered patches and appliques for home decor, coasters, curtains, rugs, wall art, cushion covers
Designs created by Ricamour Embroideries

Hand-beading and embroidery are not just reserved for garments. They are also the perfect way to add grandeur to home décor items- pillows, table runners, curtains, placemats, coasters, wall art and so much more.

Luxury interior designers beautifully blend hand-embroidery techniques to play with textures and create luxurious surfaces. 

How beautiful would a pillow look adorned with this stunning 3D dragon! Or a framed wall-art with these butterfly patches in different colours and techniques. There are innumerable possibilities and beaded patches make them more feasible. 


Hand embroidered patches and appliques for couture, bags, shoes, jewellery
Designs created by Ricamour Embroideries

The glam quotient of accessories is on the rise with beaded Motifs for shoes, caps, gloves, bags and more. Simply sew them on to add some bling and elevate its look. 

It’s perfect to make bridal shoes that match the gown to a T. And even a clutch bag that your Client can carry with the gorgeous evening gown you designed. 

The best thing about patches is that it gives you the freedom to keep it minimal or go all out. All this while meeting couture standards and some real challenging timelines. 

Prêt Fix!

Hand beaded patches for RTW, pret like jackets, T shirts, blouse, denims and more
Designs created by Ricamour Embroideries

Jackets, denims, t-shirts, sweaters and blouses can all be designed and customised with embellished patches. For prêt designers, appliqués come in handy to keep stocks in check as well. 

From tigers, birds and all things abstract, it helps you appeal to a wider audience. It’s perfect for designers who have a more spontaneous and organic way of working and want the option to modify styles till the very end.

Go ahead, stock up on those patches to keep the design dynamism alive. Ensure your supply partner cuts them neatly to make it look like they have been beaded on the garment and not appliquéd. 

At Ricamour Embroideries, we love experimenting with new techniques and innovating new ones. Our process ensures couture standard workmanship is coupled with high quality components to give our clients the highest possible finish. Take a look at some of our designs inspired by nature, ‘Embroideries Gone Wild!’

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