2024-05-26 15:47:29
Embroideries Gone Wild! - Ricamour

It’s not new for couturiers to seek inspiration from nature. Every element in our ecosystem offers vivid colours, textures, patterns, movement and so much more. With every change in season, terrain and topography, mother nature keeps giving endlessly. And the most beautiful thing about this inspiration is that the same source inspires different people to create diverse and distinct designs. 

Over the years, the design team at Ricamour Embroideries has also captured the beauty of nature with threads, beads, bugles, crystals, raffia and more. Here, we take you through some of our designs that draw inspiration from the wild. See how we let our imaginations (and embroideries) run wild. 

The Ssserpent!

Did you know there are almost 3000 known species of snakes? And countless snake-inspired couture pieces. The design we conceptualised captures this majestic reptile’s skin/ scales.  It’s made with these mother-of-pearl effect stones, beads and a background brimming with black sequins. It’s unique, opulent and striking!

We would love to see this design on a a fierce-looking jacket or even a little black (with a mix of green) dress. 

Snake-skin inspired beaded couture design with sequins and mother of pearl stones
This design is conceptualised and created by Ricamour Embroideries!


The tiny butterfly has many life lessons to offer and its beauty has inspired many couture collections. It’s the wings that connote transformation and that’s what we wanted to capture. We took a super zoomed-in view with countless sequins. The combination of colours and the pattern that this design achieves is what makes us fall in love with it. It’s simple yet elaborate. 

This design is perfect for a couture gown, the admirers of which are sure to get butterflies in the stomach. It will look great on a luxurious pillow cover too, no?

A butterfly wing inspired hand-embroidered couture design with sequins
This design is conceptualised and created by Ricamour Embroideries!

Leopard Print, but 3D!

Nature gives us the best prints and the leopard print continues to score high on fashion quotient since the 60’s. We wanted to capture the sophistication, independence and timelessness of this print. This 3D design uses different shades of raffia along with black bi-cone crystals and beads that add just the right amount of sparkle to it. The craftsmanship here is something we take immense pride in. 

How beautiful would a bag look with this design! Or even a trench coat!

A leopard print inspired 3D hand embroidered design with raffia and beads
This design is conceptualised and created by Ricamour Embroideries!

The Wildflowers!

Flowers have found its way to the runway almost every season. However, the techniques used are all so different making every floral design oh-so special and intriguing. We have put together a bouquet of blooms using plexiglass flowers in exuberant colours. We had to embellish it with some crystals and beads to complete this dramatic design. 

Imagine a bridal bodice full of these flowers standing out against the white of the ball gown, what a statement! 

This design is conceptualised and created by Ricamour Embroideries!

The Big Beaded Wolf!

The wolf signifies all things fierce, elegant, powerful and captivating (remember Akela from The Jungle Book?). Imagine a piece of couture that makes you feel all of these and more! That was our endeavour when making this striking piece with silver and black beads. The red thread-work further infuses life into this design. 

We would love to see this appliquéd on a jumper, a casual T-shirt or even framed on a wall! 

A wolf applique design hand beaded with and embroidered.
This design is conceptualised and created by Ricamour Embroideries!

At Ricamour Embroideries, we love creating new designs for couture and experimenting with new themes, materials and techniques. Our Process ensures couture-standard workmanship and high quality components. This is why our Clients enjoy the highest possible finish. Know more about architectural masterpieces that inspired some of our innovative designs –Embroidery inspired by Architectural Marvels!

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