At Ricamour Embroideries, we celebrate all forms of art and creative imagination. It inspires us to create, innovate and expand our horizons. One such form of art that continues to influence us and that we absolutely cherish is architecture- ancient as well as contemporary.

Architecture has distinguished styles, multiple techniques, materials and is a form of expression just like our hand-embroidered designs. This is why you will see a reflection of many architectural styles and marvels in our designs. 

Today, we take you through some of these couture designs and the architectural masterpieces that inspired them. We hope these structures and our designs inspire you as much, if not more.

Heyder Aliyev Centre, Baku

Heyder Alivey Centre, Baku
PC- Getty Images/ Saiko3p

Designed by Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, this iconic structure is known for its innovative and bold design. What makes the building unique and remarkable is its flowy, unending and rive-like curves. For many, it reflects the eternal cycle of life. The architect’s idea was to create something which is looking at the future and captures Azerbaijan’s optimistic side. 

For us, the flows of the structure and its philosophical symbolism had to be brought together in a bridal design. A beautiful mix of opaque and lustre bugle beads, bicone beads, crystals, sequins and seed beads captures the romance of this structure. To make it as contemporary and bold, we added a little bit of gold. It takes over 20 hours for our talented craftsmen to create this hand-beaded swatch.

Ricamour hand beaded bridal design with a dash of gold
A bridal hand-embroidered design conceptualised by Ricamour Embroideries. The size of this swatch is 29 x 19cm.

There is another beautiful design that this flowy structure inspired. It’s made with layered organza in a delicate pink colour and the lustre bugle beads to add just the right about of shine. A bridal gown made with this design is a statement in itself.

Ricamour Couture embroidery with layered organza and bugle beads
A couture hand-beaded design created by Ricamour Embroideries. The size of this swatch is 30 x 21 cm.

Saint Chapelle, Paris

Saint Chapelle Paris
Sainte-Chapelle, Paris © French Moments

A Gothic architecture gem, Saint Chapelle was built in the 13th century over a period of just 7 years, an impressive accomplishment considering its magnificence and workmanship. It has the most extensive collection of 13th century stained glasses that awe thousands of visitors even today. These stained-glass windows depict 1,113 biblical figures and stories from the bible.

We took a panned out look of this beautiful chapel, captured its jaw-dropping colours and intricate details to create this design with metallic sequins. It is a simpler take on the architectural style, however, it takes over 22 hours to create this small swatch. This is because the sequins have to be meticulously hand-picked to achieve the right balance of colours.

Ricamour Couture Embroidery with metallic sequins
This handcrafted design is created by Ricamour Embroideries. The size of the swatch is 22.5 x 17.5 cm.

The Museum Brandhorst, Munich

PC- Sauerbruch Hutton

This delightfully colourful building is designed by the German architectural firm Sauerbruch Hutton and is clad in 36,000 ceramic rods in 23 different colours. The assortment of colours and layering create an illusion of varied appearance as the observer moves- distinct and 3-D from up-close and smooth, neutral in colour and homogenous from far.

The linear yet complex style of the structure inspired this design with iridescent sequins (that give an illusion of changing colours as one moves) topped with silver line crystals to give it that 3 dimensional look. The silver bugle beads complement the symmetry of this couture design which, just like the museum, looks smooth from a distance. It takes over 15 hours to achieve this flawless finish.

Ricamour Couture Embroidery with iridiscent sequins
This hand-beaded design is developed by Ricamour Embroideries. The size of this swatch is 12.5 x 8.5 cm.

Park Güell, Barcelona

Park Guell Mosaic Dragon
PC- Lena Serditova / Shutterstock

Antoni Gaudi unleashed all his design ingenuity while conceptualising Park Güell. What was originally intended to be an artistic housing site for the aristocrats, is now a monumental zone where visitors come and soak in a panoramic view of the city. Playful mosaics and surface treatments along with the multi-coloured mosaic salamander, popularly known as ‘El Drac’ (the dragon) is what we love the most about the site.

A 3D design with standing bugles and square sequins is what this inspired us to make. To achieve that mosaic effect, we used black silk threads over the sequins. As an ode to the master creator, ours is a formal take on Gaudi’s fun creation. It takes over 20 hours to hand-bead this creative design. 

Ricamour 3D couture mosaic style embroidery
This 3D hand-beaded design is conceptualised by Ricamour Embroideries. The size of the swatch is 20 x 20 cm.

At Ricamour Embroideries, we love creating new designs for couture and experimenting with new themes, materials and techniques. Our Process ensures couture-standard workmanship and high quality components. This is why our Clients enjoy the highest possible finish. Explore innovative ways to personalise your bride’s dream gown in our blog-Embroidered with Love.

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