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Bridal bodice designs for your next collection. - Ricamour

Couture designers, like you, will understand that there is a lot that goes into creating a dreamy bridal gown. For your bride, choosing her dream gown is associated with joy and celebration but for you, it’s a combination of months of ideation, trial, blood sweat and tears (no kidding!). 

Every bridal designer’s endeavour is to have a collection that appeals to all kinds of brides- those looking for something fun and flirty, for those wanting it to be sexy (but not bold) and even brides that are looking for something royal and majestic. 

The bodice is an important part of the wedding gown’s anatomy. Its pattern, embellishment details and construction play a significant role in bringing life to your vision for the dress. 

Here, we share with you some of our most favourite embellished bridal bodice designs. We hope these inspire you to create your next collection. 


Hand embroidered, heavily beaded and embellished bridal bodice design by Ricamour Embroideries
Bridal couture wear with heavy hand beaded work, embellished with crystals, stones and beads.

The grandeur of royalty wrapped in modern luxury! 

This bridal bodice design is perfect for brides wanting to look like the queens they already are. Encrusted with a range of crystals, beads, stones and sequins, we would love to see this on an A-line gown. You can even go all-out and use it for a ball gown. Don’t forget to ask your bride to wear that (imaginary, or not) tiara!


Hand embroidered, heavily beaded and embellished bridal bodice design by Ricamour Embroideries

Ornate floral beauty- it’s all in the details for this one.  

The 3D flowers that are encrusted with beads, bugles and stones have our heart. We love how different shapes and sizes of beads come together so beautifully to create a design that is whimsical and romantic. We can’t wait to see this bouquet of gorgeousness on a sheath gown with the 3d flowers caressing and enhancing your bride’s beauty. Add a detachable overskirt or trail so she can transform from a look of grandeur for the vows to a more comfortable one for her reception. 


Delicate hand embroidered bridal bodice design by Ricamour Embroideries
Delicate bridal bodice design made in India by Ricamour Embroideries

Because the wings of angels are hope and faith (feelings every bride is brimming with).  

This dainty bridal bodice is designed for an elegant and flowy bridal dress. The opaque and lustre beads, pearls and crystals add just the right amount of glam as well as luxe. It’s versatility allows you to use it on any style and is perfect for brides looking for a light-weight and flirty dress. 


Hand Beaded bridal bodice design with pearls, sequins and stones by Ricamour Embroideries
Hand embroidered bridal bodice design with pearls, sequins and stones

Bohemian romance with an abundance of couture!

The combination of techniques and materials used here is what makes this design so unique- fabric fringes, silk thread leaves, micro beads, sequins and more. We love how the boho aesthetics have been elevated for an ethereal and effortless look. While we love this design in ivory, we would love to see it in colour- a pastel one or even a pop of red for that bold bride. 


Beaded bridal bodice with 3D effect and sequins by Ricamour Embroideries
Bridal hand embroidery bodice design by Ricamour Embroideries

A vintage baroque-inspired bodice design, as eternal as love. 

A personal favourite, this classic piece features 3D encrusted flowers, micro beads and padded satin-stitch. We would love to add in voluminous sleeves for a bride that appreciates old-world glamour and feminine details. This gown has the potential to become a family keep-sake. 

At Ricamour Embroideries, we love creating new bridal designs. Our Process ensures couture-standard workmanship and high quality components so our Clients enjoy the highest possible finish. We would love to customise any of these designs for you. You can also explore innovative ways to personalise your bride’s dream gown in our recent blog- Embroidered with Love.

Write to us on info@ricamour.com or WhatasApp us to see our collection of bridal designs, sashes & trims and more. We are also offering free sampling and shipping service on your first 3 orders (minimum confirmed order value being $750). 

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