2024-05-26 14:36:29
BTS: Exquisite Embroidery Techniques! (Part 2) - Ricamour

At Ricamour Embroideries, we have a team of skilled craftsmen hailing from different regions of India. Each of these regions represents a unique embroidery and beading technique. We would like to believe that we have hand-picked this team, however, with their level of proficiency, it’s only right to say that they picked us.

It’s humbling to see our craftsmen preserving some beautiful, age- old techniques of hand-embroidery. At times, staying true to their rich and original form, and at times, with a contemporary twist. Hence our motto- Preserving Artistry & Creating Luxury.

We present to you Part Deux of everything that goes into making some of our most exquisite designs- ideas, materials, innovations, experiments and a whole lot of workmanship!

Breathing Bugles!

Couture design wade with hand embroidered bugles and silk threads
Swatch size- 25 cm x 30 cm | Stitching time- 40 hours

Vertically stitched bugle beads have been bridged together with purple, yellow and white silk threads. We also threw in some glossy seed-beads and bi-cone beads. All of these come together harmoniously to create an abstract masterpiece! It’s the movement of the threads in this piece that makes it look it’s alive and breathing!

A LBD with a bodice made of this design is what we would love to see in your next collection. Or even a gorgeous white tote! However, the beauty of an abstract design is that it can elevate the look of anything it adorns! Extend this design from all sides to create a jaw-dropping gown maybe?


Couture embroidery with 3D leather flowers, beads and bugles
Swatch size- 25 cm x 30 cm | Stitching time- 37 hours

Faux leather was laser cut in custom shapes to create these 3D flowers and leaves. They have been delicately highlighted with lustrous beads and placed on a backdrop of bugle beads, seed beads and bi-cone beads. For us, this piece is all things graceful and powerful.

It’s important to appreciate the immense skill and patience it takes to embroider leather. We would love to make this piece with multi-coloured leather flowers for a day outfit. What do you think of one in white and silver for a distinct bridal gown?

Fused Fleur!

Beaded 3D flowers for a couture outfit
Swatch size- 19 cm x 19 cm | Stitching time- 33 hours

These 3D red and yellow flowers intertwine with each other for a look that is peppy, unique and unforgettable. It’s made with opaque micro beads, bugles and couture-standard workmanship. It’s a personal favourite for an effortless ‘pick me up’ outfit.

Appliqué it on a clutch bag, a summery blouse or a day dress. Looking to add glamour and glitz? Customise it with sparkly silver and gold beads.

Coral Chaos!

Heavily embellished hand beaded design inspired by corals
Swatch size- 14 cm x 20 cm | Stitching time- 24 hours

The 3D coral-inspired clusters in this design epitomise skills and craftsmanship. If our look- book is a reef, this design is our very own Great Barrier Reef- abundant in materials, techniques and beauty!

It’s created with innumerable matte, opaque, lustre, metallic beads, pearls and sequins. Just like actual corals, these also sway elegantly. We love how the thread-work adds to its texture. How would you use this beautiful little chaos of a piece?

At Ricamour Embroideries , we love experimenting with new techniques and innovating new ones. Our process ensures couture-standard workmanship is coupled with high quality components to give our clients the highest possible finish. Take a look at Part 1 of Exquisite Embroidery Techniques here.

Write to us on info@ricamour.com or WhatsApp us to see our collection of couture designs, beaded fabrics, shoe uppers and bridal trims.