Creating embroideries for bridal clients is one of things we love most about our job.  It’s a privilege to have a hand in making a bride sparkle on her big day, knowing the embroidery that we’re designing holds such special significance and will be treasured forever. Over the years, we’ve created countless embroideries for bridal gowns, veils, sashes and head pieces. Each and every piece that we’ve worked on has been an inspiring journey. Whilst bridal trends come and go, be it floral, linear, geometric or all over bling, our favourite pieces are those that are unique, personalised and truly reflect the character of the bride. 



“A wedding dress is both intimate and personal for a woman – it must reflect the personality and style of the bride.”

– Carolina Herrera

 The wonderful thing about embroidery is there is really no limit to what can be achieved.  This incredible art-form has paved the way for some of the most amazing creations, from gowns with an entire love story embroidered along the hem line, to a royal wedding dress encrusted with 10,000 pearls.  And whilst it’s impossible to document all the amazing and inspiring embroideries that have adorned wedding gowns over the centuries, we’ve selected just a few that we love (with a few of our own embellishments thrown in the mix too!) 

Customized and personalized bridal veil with date and quote hand embroidered by Ricamour embroideriesSarah Hayley Owen (@stylebysarahhayley/ in her customized veil by Ricamour Embroideries

This classic cathedral wedding veil is one of our own creations and features the bride and groom’s names, wedding date and a special quote, “Some things are meant to be”, gracefully embroidered with hundreds of ivory thread-work flowers and vines.  What makes this piece even more special is that the beautiful bride is one of our closest friends and we were honoured that she asked us to customize this veil for her special day.  She truly looked like a princess!

 Personalized dream bridal gown with moments that are special to you hand embroidered on your gown. Chiara Ferragni in her wedding reception gown by Dior. Photo:

 Chiara Ferragni’s bespoke reception gown by Dior is embroidered with lyrics from her husband’s (musician and rapper Fedez) song lyrics and other sweet moments and memories from their life together as a couple. The gown undoubtedly has all the characteristics of a classic fairy-tale Dior piece, but we love that this dress is completely unique to Chiara and Fedez’s own love story. It doesn’t get more romantic than that!

 Love story captured on your wedding outfit or bridal gown with hand embroideryLove Story Lehenga by Kresha Bajaj. Photos:

This stunning wedding lehenga by Kresha Bajaj was intricately adorned with gold thread work embroidery that depicts the couple’s love story:- wine glasses as an ode to the proposal and engagement, with their names, wedding venue and other beautiful memories delicately entwined into the design.  Designed and executed by the bride herself, each and every stitch tells a part of her beautiful story, and she has inspired brides around the world to do the same. We love everything about this piece; not least the mesmerizing craftsmanship that realises the artwork beautifully.

 Hand embroidered bridal gown made with more than 5000 Swarovski crystals

The above dress was made for one of our long standing couture clients. This embroidery was made from more than 5000 Swarovski crystals and the final gown weighed around 15kg! Worth every single crystal as the final gown is one of the most stunning things we’ve ever created.

 Hand embroidered bridal veil for a personalized couture gown

 Angelina Jolie’s embroidered veil by Versace. Photo: Hello Magazine

Angelina Jolie’s famous wedding dress by Atelier Versace was made all the more special with the addition of her unique veil; embroidered with endearing doodles drawn by her six children, her dress was the embodiment of love, warmth and happiness.  An adorable touch that made her gown so much more than just a fashion statement.

 Floral hand-embroidered bridal gown made with bead, crystal, pearl and sequins by Ricamour

This bride meticulously selected every bead, crystal, pearl and sequin that adorned her dress. From the shape of each petal to the placement of each pearl, she had a very clear vision of her dream gown. We worked long and hard with the designer to make sure the bride was happy and her dream gown was brought to life.

 Vintage bridal bodicePrincess Diana’s Wedding Gown. Photo: Chris Humphreys | The Voice-Tribune

Princess Diana’s iconic wedding gown was encrusted with sequins, lace and 10,000 tiny mother of pearls. The elaborate design was made all the more special and meaningful by the addition of a family keepsake- a piece of Carrickmacross lace that once belonged to Queen Mary was also appliquéd into the design. 





“For most women a wedding gown represents far more than just a dress. It’s also the embodiment of a dream, a memory in the making.”

– Vera Wang

 Hand beaded bridal gown made entirely of pearls and tiny crystals delicately stitched onto a tulle base by Ricamour

One of our most memorable pieces; made entirely of pearls and tiny crystals delicately stitched onto a tulle base to create this beautiful encrusted gown.

 Hand embroidered bridal-wear with stones, sequins, gold thread by RicamourWedding Lehenga by Ricamour Embroideries.

 And finally, ending with an embroidery that’s particularly special for us- my own wedding lehenga hand embellished by our craftsmen at Ricamour Embroideries. Every thread colour, bead and crystal was selected by us, and knowing the hours, care and skill that went into making this will make me treasure it forever. Seeing the design taking shape in front of my eyes was truly a magical experience, and though I may be biased, this embroidery will always be my favorite ♥.

At Ricamour Embroideries, we take pride in offering the best possible quality. Our Process ensures couture-standard workmanship is coupled with high quality components to give you the highest possible finish. We are happy to customize and personalize your next collection that meet your sensibilities as well as budgets. Also see some of our favourite beaded bridal fabrics.

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