Couture designers like you, are perpetually seeking inspiration to create exquisite garments, adornments and accessories. And when this inspiration strikes, you know exactly what you want! At times like these, ready designs and fabrics that are available in the world market just don’t make the cut. 

What you need is a beading partner who custom creates for you and brings alive your vision. An embroidery supplier who understands your design aesthetic, quality requirements and timelines. 

Here, we take you through the process of getting beaded fabrics customised for yourself! From imagination to realisation, in 5 simple steps. 

Referencing & Sampling:

Creative beaded designs made from moodboards and inspirations shared by the Client

For the embroidery designer and artist to understand your vision, it is important to share the right references of design, material, technique, colour palette and more. Connect with them on a video call and don’t just rely on email communication. Discuss the quality of materials and workmanship you want. It is important that your embroidery partner understands what you want. Only then can they give it wings. 

Have a sample made to ensure all your creative requirements are met. A small swatch plays a pivotal role in bringing your design to life. Experimenting with beads, colours, techniques should happen at this stage. Move on to the next step only once you are a hundred percent convinced with the sample. 


3D encrusted flowers for a bridal gown by Ricamour in Mumbai India

We are all in the business of couture. A mutually profitable relationship with your embroidery partner is as essential as the quality of craftsmanship. The best way to achieve this is to give a target price to the supplier. 

The sample you created not only helps in achieving the right design but also the right costs. It is important that your supplier customises the embroidery and artwork to meet your budgets. Remember, the quantity you order also impacts costs. 

You should never be left worried about costs and question the value received against the money invested.  


Once you have approved the sample and agreed on a cost, an experienced artist will create an  ‘embroidery artwork’ to show you the placement of your embroidery. Ensure the pictures of this artwork are sent to you for approval. Suggest any alterations you would like at this step because the approved artwork directly translates on to your fabric. 


Ethical Embroidery Atelier making couture designs in Mumbai, India

Once your artwork and sample is approved, your embroidery is ready for production. Skilled craftsmen begin to weave magic into your fabric.

Have pictures of the embroidery in progress sent to you regularly through production. This way, you are looped in on every step and can see your embroidery come to life. 

Quality Check:

Quality checker checking a production piece to see if it matches the paper patterns, the quality of beading and materials is couture standard

Once the production is complete, a thorough quality check must be done to ensure you receive the highest quality product. The right quality also ensures durability of your creations- beads are stitched securely and don’t fall off, no visible lose threads, etc. 

A flawless finish and top quality workmanship is after all what makes couture, couture. 

At the heart of everything we do at Ricamour Embroideries, is to conserve the fine craft of hand embroidery and create exquisite pieces of art across Couture, Prêt-à-Porter and Bridal. We take pride in offering the best possible quality. Our process ensures couture-standard workmanship is coupled with high quality components to give our clients the highest possible finish. Read about the top 5 things you must consider when choosing your embroidery supply partner, here!

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