The pandemic might have caused global lockdowns but it couldn’t lock up our (and by our we mean all of us in the business of couture) need to express, create and innovate. A lot of us took the time to reflect upon what’s important (rightfully so) and introspect. We pushed ourselves further, found inspiration in unexpected things and are ready to adapt to newer ways of working. Now, it’s time to thrive and design what could be our best work yet. 

After what felt like eons, physical couture fashion exhibits are back (with changes the industry mindfully adopted) with exciting themes- some new, some bold and some timeless as ever. 

Here, we have put together our favourite themes from this year’s Couture shows that have awed and inspired us. We hope they have the same impact (and more) on you. 

Monochrome Magique

While we can’t say this is a 2021 phenomenon, we love the modern and dynamic take on the monochrome look that designers are experimenting with. It brings this attitude of nonchalance to couture. From chic, elegant to sexy, we are rooting for each of these looks. 

Monochrome as a theme, in one way or the other; is, was and will always be couturiers’ favourite form of expression.

Alberta Ferretti’s dramatic and sparkly golden outfit
Alberta Ferretti’s dramatic and sparkly golden outfit is sensual and glam. “Feeling beautiful gives you strength,” says the designer. “As women, we need all the strength we can muster to fight, as we still have so many battles to win.”
Valentino’s embellished monochrome look
Valentino’s ‘Temporal’ collection is about pieces that will give an effortlessness, according to the designer. “I wanted to work on surfaces, not in a decorative sense, but workmanship which becomes the surface itself.”
A hand embroidered couture design with sequins and crystals.
Ricamour Embroideries’ take on monochrome magique with sequins and crystal.

Elaborate and some more!

Couture continues to embrace and experiment with beads, crystals, sequins and stones in all shapes, sizes and colours. Well, some are ready to innovate and create new materials as well. It’s the celebration of flawless craftsmanship and artistry that does it for us.

This season, our favourite designers are saying, more is more! All of us could also use some more shine and sparkle in our lives currently, right?

Balmain’s Resort '22 collection
Balmain’s Resort ’22 collection’s patterns and embellishments celebrate the richness of designing as a craft. We love the ornately jewelled outfits and the glamour it embodies.
Paco Robanne's 2022 collection
We love the exploration of materials in Paco Robanne’s ’22 RTW collection. It is inspired by Vasarely’s  (father of optical art) Hexa Grace. According to the designer, it holds a sense of sophistication without losing any notion of fun. 
An elaborate and ornamental embroidery created by Ricamour Embroideries with Swarovski crystals. 
An elaborate and ornamental embroidery created by Ricamour Embroideries with Swarovski crystals. 

Flower Puff, girls!

From big and bold to dainty and slick. From pretty prints to luxuriously bejewelled. Flowers have captivated the runway this year, and we are not complaining.

We are in awe of how couture designers have brought in their individuality and made age-old florals seem like a breath of fresh air. 

D&G's alta moda collection with 3D flowers
According to the designers, D&G’s Alta Moda collection, “Represents the perfect harmony of opposites that attract: it is romantic and sensual, melancholic and joyful, rational and visionary, luminous and nocturnal, sacred and profane, dark and golden.”
Rodarte's collection with 3D flowers and glitz.
Rodarte’s Spring 2022 collection in a way reconnect’s with nature. We love the 3D flowers and the glitz it embodies. 
A hand-embroidered couture design with raffia, acrylic, feather and sequinned flowers.
A hand-embroidered bouquet created by Ricamour Embroideries with raffia, acrylic, feather and sequinned flowers.

That’s all Folk!

Couture designs inspired by folk-art, antiquity and traditions have always excited us. It’s the prints, intricate thread-work and the opportunity to have a contemporary take on it all that we love about this theme.

Designers chose to celebrate the treasures of history with intricate workmanship. 

D&G pays an evocative ode to the city of Venice
D&G pays an evocative ode to the city of Venice and its culture with sequins, bugle beads, crystals and more. 
Dior encapsulates the history and elegance of Greece
Dior encapsulates the history and elegance of Greece and honours the contribution of Greek women throughout history. 
Folk-art inspired hand embroidery for couture and pret.
A folk-art inspired hand embroidery design created by Ricamour Embroideries with gold wires, beads and thread-work. 

At Ricamour Embroideries, we love creating new designs for couture and experimenting with new themes, materials and techniques. Our Process ensures couture-standard workmanship and high quality components. This is why our Clients enjoy the highest possible finish. Explore innovative ways to personalise your bride’s dream gown in our blog- Embroidered with Love.

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