In this world of couture, we are all constantly looking for design inspiration. Whether it’s in our travels, cultures, conversations, environs and so much more. It is what keeps the process of ideation dynamic and allows us to create beautiful and exquisite designs for our clients.

The best thing about inspiration is that it can from anywhere. And this time around, for the design team at Ricamour Embroideries, it’s come from the world’s focus on royal ceremonial crowns, their patterns, hues, textures, and all other details that make them magnificent and distinguished. Today, we take you through some of our favourite crowns and are waiting to create beautiful embroideries as an homage to each of them.

The Imperial State Crown- UK

Royal crown as design inspiration

Probably the most well-known crown today, it sparkles with nearly 3,000 stones and boasts of the most precious diamonds, pearls, sapphires, emeralds and rubies.

It’s the combination of dazzling jewels with deep purple that makes it oh-so-magnificent. It’s rich history, St Edward’s Sapphire (right on top), Black Prince’s Ruby (in the centre) and the Cullinan II diamond (on the bottom band) are what make this crown priceless.

We would love to make a hand-beaded design inspired by this crown. With purple velvet as the base fabric, it would feature pearls and crystals in various shapes, sizes and colours. Multiple fleurs-de-lis (lilies) are a must to add a touch of delicacy, especially against the chunky crystals.

The Imperial Crown of Russia

Royal crown as design inspiration

This beautiful crown is adorned with almost 5000 diamonds arranged in an intricate floral pattern that goes across the centre of the crown. We love how the diamonds are paired with pearls to create a graceful border. Right on top is a massive red spinel of approximately 400 carats; in sync with the gorgeous red inner cap.

As an ode to this crown, we would love to make a dainty floral design on red satin silk. It will be adorned with crystals and gold bullion wires; and surrounded with a border of pearls. Around this, would be cut-work with innumerable crystals to bring alive the same pattern as on the crown.

If this design inspires you, please write to us on to make a sample.

The Cameo Tiara

Royal crown as design inspiration

A treasured possession of the Swedish royal women, the exceptional Cameo Tiara is made of gold, set with pearls and has intricate cameos that are believed to depict scenes from the Greco-Roman mythology.

Delicate anthemion flowers, made with pearls graduating in size, further add to the detailing of this unusual crown.

We love designs that celebrate folklore and this one immediately becomes a personal favourite. We would love to make a design inspired by this crown with gold wires, pearls and 3D cameos made with delicate ivory threads.

Crown of Princess Blanche

Royal crown as design inspiration

Also known as the Bohemian Crown, this gold crown is one of oldest royal crown in England. The rosette shaped bottom stems into beautiful lilies and are bejewelled with stunning diamonds, rubies, sapphires and pearls.

We especially love how the stems alternate in length, somehow adding to the grandiose of the crown.

As an homage to this crown, we would love to create a neckline that captures the beautiful artwork including the alternating lengths of the stem. Made in 3D with gold wires, pearls, crystals and gold seed-beads.

Here are some designs created by the master craftsmen at Ricamour Embroideries. Each of these are inspired by rare and intricate royal jewels. To create exclusive samples for your Clients, connect with us on WhatasApp.

Hand beaded designs by Ricamour Embroideries with rhinestones,
Hand-beaded designs by Ricamour Embroideries

At Ricamour Embroideries, we love creating new designs for couture and experimenting with new themes, materials and techniques. Our Process ensures couture-standard workmanship and high quality components. This is why our Clients enjoy the highest possible finish. Explore innovative ways to personalise your bride’s dream gown in our blog- Embroidered with Love.

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