The world of bridal couture is an ever evolving one. In the face of the turmoil that the pandemic has presented, this industry has turned around even more. Businesses are adapting to newer ways to stay afloat. 

There are significant changes in how brides are choosing to experience one of their most dreamt about days, the wedding dress included. While these are challenges that all of us in the business of couture are facing, it’s definitely keeping things exciting for us.

Here, we talk about what’s new in bridal couture as well as trends (for the lack of a better word) that are here to stay. 

Not just custom, Distinctive!

Whilst bridal fads come and go, the most distinctive and treasured pieces will be those that tell a story, the bride’s story. A gown that brings alive the couple’s most beautiful moments with delicate embroidery or a veil that captures their romantic proposal. Having a song that echoes their love for each central to the design or even a quote that keeps them inspired. The possibilities to personalise and create distinctive designs are limitless.

Brides, today, are no longer looking for a fairytale gown. They want their dream gown to tell a tale that’s uniquely theirs.

Customised bridal veil for a beaded bridal dress by Ricamour Embroideries


This classic cathedral veil features the bride and groom’s names, wedding date and a special quote, “Some things are meant to be”, gracefully embroidered with hundreds of ivory thread-work flowers and vines. It was customized for Sarah Hayley Owen by Ricamour Embroideries.

Luxury bridal wear gown


Chiara Ferragni’s bespoke reception gown by Dior was embroidered with lyrics from her husband’s (musician and rapper Fedez) song and other sweet moments. Photo:


Brides are being forced to cut down on their guest list to meet social distancing norms but there’s no cutting down on grandeur and glam on their wedding gown. 

Intimate celebrations allow them to splurge a little extra to get that dream wedding dress. More brides are choosing bespoke encrusted ball-gowns and are confidently embracing their inner queen with dramatically long trails and floor-sweeping veils. 

Glam, luxe and extravagant, brides are ready to indulge!

Bridal Trends by Ricamour Embroideries


Giorgia Gabriele wore an exquisitely ornate gown embellished with beads, micro-veneers and rhinestones. Made by Virgil Abloh, it has an eight-foot-long train and a 26-foot-long veil.
Photo: German Larkin

Coloured Canvas!

A pristine white gown continues to be the dream gown for many brides. While there are some that choose light pastels and soothing hues, many are ready to experiment and have more fun with their dress.

A happy and colourful wedding gown is a statement in itself- a true embodiment of the wedding day exhilaration!

Bridal couture in colour


Eliza Jane Howell’s Montpeiller gown, a red wedding dress personifies elegance and glamour.

Colourful bridal gown


E&W’s Frida dress is super lively and colourful and we love how it breaks bridal stereotypes.

Comfort Couture!

Couples today, want their wedding day to be an immersive experience for their guests as well as themselves. While they want the ceremony to be romantic and virtuous, they want the reception to be a party where the bride can twirl, swirl and twist! A versatile gown with detachable overskirts and removable statement sleeves make the cut.

We are also seeing brides ditching  the conventional stilettos for a comfortable (yet gorgeous) pair of shoes. The ability to transform from a dreamy look to a fun, fluid one is the need of the hour. 

Bridal couture trend


With a slim lace silhouette and a detachable ruffled overskirt, this Ines Di Santo gown is perfect for brides looking for comfort couture. 

Comfortable bridal shoes


Almari The Urban Closet is one of the many brands that customise sneakers with beautiful hand-embroidery.


More and more couples are saying ‘yes’ to sustainable wedding celebrations. Partnering with local small businesses, e-invites, biodegradable decor ideas are a must for them. 

Of course this trickles down to the bride opting for a sustainable wedding gown as well. Ecological and ethical consciousness drive their decisions. Organic and low-waste fabrics, toxin-free dyeing, hand-made embellishments, green packaging are just some ways to achieve this. 

sustainable bridal couture


Leila Hafzi’s high-end ethical and sustainable fashion brand empowers women and artisans living in recovering nations.

Sustainable bridal wear


Wear Your Love’s effortlessly beautiful gown is made using organic cotton and bamboo fabrics. 

At Ricamour Embroideries, we love creating bridal couture and making a bride sparkle on her special day. Our Process ensures couture-standard workmanship is coupled with high quality components to give our Clients the highest possible finish.

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