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3D Designs your Brides will Love! - Ricamour

As a bridal designer, it’s important for you to indulge all kinds of brides and their individual styles- from the classic ones, the fairy-tale ones, the chic ones to the I-want-something-different ones. While some can be more challenging to please than the other, all brides and their gowns are special! And so is the journey of making every gown- from inspiration to conception to execution. 

While some designers prefer customised embroidery (made to the gown’s paper patterns), some prefer ready beaded laces that can be applique stitched onto the garment. The design possibilities in both these techniques are limitless. One such design technique that brides continue to love (regardless of their individual styles) is 3D embellishments. 

Here, we take you through some dreamy 3D bridal designs for your next collection! These can be customised in terms of colour, artwork, materials and techniques. 


Hand Beaded floral bridal bodice design Bridal bodice design for couture dress with 3D encrusted flowers, crystals, sequins, beads by Ricamour Embroideries
Beaded bridal bodice conceptualised by Ricamour Embroideries.

Ornate floral beauty- it’s all in the details for this one! 

This bridal bodice design is embellished with crystals, beads, sequins and stones. The hero of the design is the 3D encrusted flowers spread across the bodice making it a textural work of art. We love how different shapes and sizes of beads come together so beautifully to create a design that is whimsical and romantic. 

The versatility of the artwork is such that it can be a heavily embellished bodice or be extended onto the full gown- dense on top and fading out at the bottom. Let your bride take her pick!


Beaded bridal bodice with 3D effect and sequins by Ricamour Embroideries
Hand-embroidered 3D bodice by Ricamour Embroideries.

A vintage baroque-inspired bodice design, as eternal as love. 

This classic piece features 3D flowers and leaves made with multiple micro beads and sequins. It’s the padded satin-stitch technique that makes this design stand out  (literally as well)! The old-world glamour and feminine details make this creation a personal favourite!

A gown made with this bodice has the potential to become a family keep-sake. 

Crystal Clear!

Hand beaded 3D flowers bridal fabric made with crystals and sequins
Hand-beaded fabric created by Ricamour Embroideries.

Sometimes it’s something very simple that creates unforeseeable magic. This fabric with its scatter of crystals and reflective sequins is just that! The technique used here makes it look like a bed of petite 3D crystal flowers. We can’t wait for this creation to adorn a larger-than-life ball gown. 

Sparkly, minimal and elegant, this fabric is every bride’s dream! If your bride is experimental enough, try this fabric in a pastel colour for a gown that is effortlessly alluring!

Beauté Abstraite!

3D hand embroidered luxury bridal fabric with sequins, stones and beads
3D hand-made fabric by Ricamour Embroideries.

A pristine canvas of irregular shaped sequins, beads, crystals and stones gave us this one-of-a-kind bridal creation. Dazzling and glamorously 3D, this fabric is perfect for your bride looking for something remarkably less conventional. 

The abstract artwork lends itself beautifully to a bodice, a veil or a fully beaded gown! It’s bold, elegant and gleaming, all at the same time. 

Valley of Flowers!

3D flowers hand embroidered on a bridal lace with sequins and stones.
Beaded fabric with 3D flowers by Ricamour Embroideries.

This beaded floral fabric lays the foundation for many scintillating bridal gowns. The 3D silk flowers represent contemporary design made with an age-old technique. The flower sequins, crystals and beads add to the beautiful play of textures and sparkle. 

This strikingly gorgeous fabric is sure to turn any gown into a floral spectacle!

At Ricamour Embroideries, we love creating bridal couture and making a bride sparkle on her special day. Couture-standard workmanship is coupled with high quality components to give our clients the highest possible finish. We are happy to customise any of these designs to meet your sensibilities as well as budgets. Know more about What’s new in Bridal Couture’ in our blog here. 

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