Hand-embroidery and embellishment have been used to decorate and ornate clothing for over centuries now. From silk robes to heavily embroidered curtains, the art of beading has been employed to add opulence and extravagance to anything and everything. Over a period of time, we have seen new techniques, textures, materials and even multiple creative uses of hand-embroidery. We love how the craft has received so much love across categories and its use is no longer limited to couture! 

Here, we share with you some of our favourite applications of hand-embroidery. We hope it inspires you to create something new and exciting. 

Not-so-basic Essentials!

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Embroidery instantly elevates the look and feel of whatever it adorns. Which is why we believe incorporating it into our everyday lives is the perfect way to feel luxurious and special. Look how gorgeous these hand-embroidered and beaded phone covers look! What a style statement they would make!

Travelling in style has a whole new meaning with vibrant and embellished travel pouches. Basic essentials need not look basic, right?

Our most favourite are the the hand-beaded diaries. We can’t wait to make these for our team (it could be too pretty for any of us to make notes in though)!

There is room for luxuriously beaded coffee cuffs, key-chains, passport covers, laptop sleeves, eye-wear cases, champagne bottle covers (they count as essentials), the list is never-ending. Choose your design and personalise them, after all, that’s the best thing about all things hand-made! 

Haute Décor

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The use of hand-embroidery for carpets, wall paintings, curtains, etc was reserved for the royals at one point. But we are all for the new and modern take on beaded home-decor. It is transformative, beautiful, responsible and even durable. 

The grandeur of a dinner table set with hand-beaded table runners, coasters and placemats will always remain untouched. What a fine way to upgrade a dinner party’s glam quotient!

Imagine a beautifully hand-beaded flower vase (or a beaded tea-cup if you are feeling eccentric) sitting on your coffee table- a definite conversation starter!

There are so many more home decor elements that are creatively hand-beaded- cushion covers, chair upholstery (the back of the chair of course, comfort first!), curtains, book ends, paper-weight, wall art and so many more. The secret behind today’s luxury homes is out in the open. 

Beaded Jewellery!

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Playful beaded jewellery for teenagers has been around for eons now. But that’s not what we are talking about. Make way for beaded jewellery that are statement pieces. They are made in multiple styles with beautiful materials and techniques. This is what we call a contemporary take on an ancient and timeless craft! 

These hand-made neckpieces, earrings, rings, headbands, cuffs, etc are perfect for special occasions, cocktail parties and even resort-wear. We are definitely adding these to our personal collection along with our catalogue. 

Embellished Accessories!

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Since embellishment is known to lift up the aesthetics of whatever it touches, imagine the magic of embellished accessories! These range from delicate everyday wear ones to encrusted collectible pieces. 

Hand-embroidered shoes and bags are not so new but we are loving how the techniques used are constantly evolving. Also added to the list are edgy bow-ties, brooches, scarves, belts, shawls, hats and whatever other piece of accessory one can think of. 

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Our most favourite innovation is the enchanting French beaded bridal bouquet. We have created these beautiful flowers for many a couture gowns but there’s something super special about a hand-made bouquet for the bride. This is a trend, we are ready to adopt and expand. 

At Ricamour Embroideries, we love creating new designs for couture and experimenting with new themes, materials and techniques. Our Process ensures couture-standard workmanship and high quality components. This is why our clients enjoy the highest possible finish. Know more about our new bridal bodice designs, perfect for your new collection!

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