We have been in the world of haute couture and the mesmerising art of hand-embroidery for over a decade now. And we believe, we are in our most exciting time ever. 

There is an increase in appreciation for handwork across the globe. Designers are more willing to experiment with embroidery materials and techniques. Allowing artisans to embrace their creative genius and create magnificent new designs. 

In this blog, we will take you on a journey through the most captivating embroidery themes seen on the runways. From delicate craftsmanship, bold hues to elaborate textures, let’s see them all. 

Nature, the Forever Muse!

For years now, designers have been bringing to life the wonders of our natural world. Today, however, we are seeing new elements of nature getting featured as well as bold ways of capturing its beauty. 

Nature after-all, is an endless reservoir of inspiration for artisans. 

Robert Wun designs on the couture theme of nature-inspired designs
We love how unique “The Rain Coat” by Robert Wun is. Hand Beaded with over 30000 Swarovski clear crystals, it showcases rain droplets sparkling on a dark rainy night. This is over 600 hours of hand work right there. 

Schiaparelli designs on the couture theme of nature-inspired designs
Then there is Schiaparelli’s unapologetic foray into taxidermy-infused fashion. Constructed of foam and faux fur, it explores the intersection of fashion, art, and unconventional materials.

Zuhair Murad and Giambattista Valli  designs on the couture theme of nature-inspired designs
There is also Zuhair Murad’s crystal spider-web patterns and Giambattista Valli’s flower shaped fabric manipulation. 

Hand-embroidered designs on the couture theme of nature-inspired designs
Designs by Ricamour Embroideries


Embroidery inspired by the brilliance and opulence of fine jewellery- this is such a seamless merger of two art forms that rely heavily on flawless craftsmanship. 

Along with threads and crystals, couturiers are also using intricate metalwork seen in jewellery settings. Jewellery-inspired embroidery doesn’t just adorn garments; it creates wearable art pieces that are destined to become heirlooms. 

Hian Tjen design on the couture theme of bijoux
Hian Tjen collaborated with the accessory expert Rinaldi Yunardy for perfect metal embellishments. 

Tamara Ralph design on the couture theme of bijoux
“Tamara Ralph’s fearless creativity pushes the boundaries of couture. Her innovative use of metalwork in the cage-like structures is infused with roses and encrusted with pearls.”

Schiaparelli design on the couture theme of bijoux
And then there is Schiaparelli’s pieces with vintage emerald green and mother of pearls, both covered with 24-carat gold leaf. 
Hand-beaded designs on the couture theme of motion and movement
Designs by Ricamour Embroideries

Motion & Movement!

Incorporating movement in a couture piece is not only about aesthetics but also about creating a captivating vision for the wearer and the audience. 

Flowing fabrics, innovative draping, fringes and even kinetic elements are being used to create a sense of fluidity and drama. 

It’s like it borrows from architecture to create an immersive experience. It’s a testament to the ongoing innovation and creativity within the fashion industry.

And then there is Kinetic Couture for dresses that move with you and without you. This is a merger of engineering and fashion to create high-tech mechanical designs. Showmanship:

Gaurav Gupta design on the couture theme of motion and movement
Gaurav Gupta’s aesthetic is all about being sculptural, voluminous and dramatic.

Iris Van Herpen design on the couture theme of motion and movement
Iris Van Herpen takes inspiration from the physiological, behavioural, and structural adaptations of biological organisms for movement.
A digital model is created for each look before the physical draping process.
Hand-beaded design on the couture theme of motion and movement
Designs by Ricamour Embroideries


Designers are pushing the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship to create garments that have a sense of extravagance, theatricality, and grandeur. 

It’s a celebration of fashion and everything ‘larger than life.’ Over-sized proportions,  voluminous silhouettes, exquisite embellishments and cultural references come together to create a sense of whimsy. 

There’s a renewed emphasis on couture craftsmanship, making a statement and eliciting awe-inspiring reactions from the audience. 

RM 1.png
Rahul Mishra celebrated his talented artisans by literally making them a part of the artwork. “We see beautifully embroidered tigers that spring out of the beaders’ workstation. This is a translation of the meditative space that the craftsmen enter when they’re working.”
Dior design on the couture theme of Showmanship
Dior celebrated Indian artisans, especially women and their craftsmanship. The use of rani pink and jamuni purple, hues unique to India is an ode to their long term relationship with India. 
Viktor & Rolf design on the couture theme of Showmanship
Viktor and Rolf’s deceptive take on a couture ballgown is all about challenging gravity, perception and evoking surrealism. 
Hand-embroidered designs by Ricamour Embroideries on the couture theme of showmanship
Designs by Ricamour Embroideries

These themes offer endless possibilities for designers to showcase their creativity and craft, ensuring that every piece becomes a true work of art. 

At Ricamour Embroideries, we also love creating bridal couture and making a bride sparkle on her special day. Our process ensures couture- standard workmanship is coupled with high quality components to give our clients the highest possible finish. See some of our favourite hand-beaded floral designs in our blog here-‘Hand-beaded Florals for Every Season.’

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